We are one of few direct media buying agencies in Turkey & Dubai providing best services to our customers.

We do provide best pricing for our customers:

We pay cash to the companies instead of 6 months payment term.

We do not receive hidden payments from companies we work.

We work with low profit rates

Best pricing is not the only thing to consider for digital budget. Some of the companies use techniques for getting unwanted clicks from their visitors which results in 20% to 35% of the budget spent for nothing. We exclude these companies from our purchases.

While some big websites have similar type of content, their visitor demography may differ. Also for different hours of the day, both demography and receptivity of the visitors may differ as well. We do track performance real-time when possible to optimize these criteria.

We support direct media buying with Facebook & Google Ads & SEO.

Media agencies do not focus on optimizing Facebook and Google ads. We provide real-time management for ad purchasing. If both competitor brands use robots for pricing, price automatically increases and digital budget is spent in worst way paying most expensive price per click.

We have our own technology for SEO and we do support brands not only with links but also with blogs expert for the category and we aim brand and our pages to dominate first page of Google for selected keyword.